UIL Energy has assembled a portfolio of prospective early stage gas and liquids exploration permits in Western Australia.


Industry Outlook
  • WA gas demand largest in Australia with strong growth potential in a severely undersupplied market
  • Sharp decline from existing producers over the next decade provides significant opportunity
  • WA gas prices forecast to rise in real terms from $8/GJ to $12/GJ
Prospective Assets
  • Targeting onshore gas and liquid plays in Western Australia
  • Clear focus on Perth Basin – close to AWE’s large gas discovery
  • Close proximity to pipeline infrastructure
  • High equity positions and operator of all permits (~500,000 net acres)
Strong Board and Management Team
  • Experienced and successful management team
  • Demonstrated ability to bring projects into proof of concept pre-production phase
  • Management team has more than 60 years geological and engineering experience across North America and Australia