UIL Energy has assembled a portfolio of prospective early stage conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration permits in Western Australia.

UIL Energy is looking to expand the current portfolio by targeting high potential opportunities within Australia.

With the International Energy Agency (IEA) recognising that Australia has vast shale gas prospectivity, UIL Energy has the potential to achieve strong growth.

The US Energy Information Agency (EIA) identified the Canning and Perth basins as having significant “shale” or unconventional gas potential in Australia:


resources june 2013


Industry Outlook
  • WA gas demand largest in Australia with strong growth potential in a severely undersupplied market
  • Sharp decline from existing producers over the next decade provides significant opportunity
  • WA gas prices forecast to rise in real terms from $8/GJ to $12/GJ
Prospective Assets
  • Targeting onshore conventional and unconventional oil and gas plays in proven hydrocarbon basins in Western
  • Australia (Perth and Canning)
  • Over 4.3 million gross acres (≈17,702km2) of granted tenements and applications
  • Close proximity to pipeline infrastructure – assets are located near large Western Australian (WA) domestic market and existing pipelines
  • High equity positions and operator of all permits
Strong Board and Management Team
  • Experienced and successful management team lead by MD John De Stefani
  • Demonstrated ability to bring projects into proof of concept pre-production phase
  • Management team has more than 60 years geological and engineering experience across North America and Australia